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2014 the textile industry, the reform has brought a new atmosphere
2014 known as the " Reform " , carrying the textile industry more expectations. "Twelve Five" will follow the development of the latter 's hand before the established route line , one must consider how to implement the Third Plenary Session of the Party's eighth spirit of reform . In the new year, along with the new climate of reform , accompanied by the president of the Association bless you , we believe that the textile industry policy will bring more dividends. Competition in the market will not disappoint those who struggle with the Endeavour .

Confidence in the reform process even more valuable
2013 is still in an adjustment of the global economy and a year of recovery. This year, China 's chemical fiber industry does not go easily .
Affected by the environment , the weak external market demand, capacity inertial growth, energy prices and rising personnel costs and other factors , making the low-cost model of development is not suitable for growing needs of the current situation . China's chemical fiber industry to promote quality, open up the industry chain and so imminent. Around technology and markets, China 's chemical fiber industry associations and enterprises a lot of fruitful work , the effect began to show .
2013 , China Chemical Fiber Industry Association successfully held the " 19th China International Chemical Fiber Conference " , will bring together domestic and international trade of high-end parties , to discuss the difficulties faced by the industry 's current and future development of the hot issues .
In addition, China Chemical Fiber Industry Association also released a hand in the success of the units 2013/ 2014 China fiber trends reports, and hundreds of high-quality companies work together to create the same period the theme of " fiber- moving world of beautiful China " in Chinese at the Beijing China International Exhibition yarn fiber Pavilion.
2013 , the Third Plenary Session of the victory party was held eighteen , open -depth reform of China's new journey . Temporary difficulties in the global economy and China 's economy , China's economic model for the transformation provides a full understanding of the opportunity to upgrade initiative . In the wave of economic reforms in the past , chemical fiber enterprises to obtain the reforms brought about by the production scale , market and efficiency , making China the world's chemical power. 2014 , we only have a close fit new strategies developed by national and industry , in order to enjoy the dividends of reform again . Transformation and upgrading will be a painful and difficult process that requires patience , determination and courage need .
Looking forward to " Reform " dividend policy.
2013 , the wool industry steady start, but the second quarter of industry operating pressures , particularly in larger -scale export markets shrink in the second half to run somewhat warmer throughout the year to achieve a steady progress , steady to good situation .
Outlook 2014 , although the recovery is not strong macroeconomic foundation , enterprises are faced wool wool prices high , rising overall costs , increasing environmental pressures , financial constraints and other issues difficult to alleviate the short-term , however, economic growth, stable macro-level support for the favorable factors are increasing .
2014 was the first year of the implementation of the Third Plenary Session of the Party's eighth spirit , many of the reforms are expected to comprehensively promote the " Reform " worth the wait. Further recovery in overseas demand is expected to remain moderate , providing favorable conditions for the steady growth in external demand . Wool business as long as confidence, a positive response, innovation, expertise in management, responsibility , green development , we can maintain the competitive edge.