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Textile raw material prices boosted demand for stable and firmer
Since August, textile raw materials market as a whole is relatively stable compared with July slightly upward. Export a new monthly record high exports , the Customs Department on August 10 released data show that in July this year , China's textile and apparel exports 25.996 billion U.S. dollars , an increase of 25% , growth of 13.53% .
Fiber market to PTA industrial chain , for example, in August the whole stable, recent market started strong , the market price has improved. International crude oil prices rose , PX plant maintenance focus , the current domestic PX operating rate at about 70% , Yangzi Petrochemical 600,000 tons , Liaoyang Petrochemical 700,000 tons , 1,000,000 tons Urumqi Petrochemical PX plant parking supply slightly tight , form a strong cost support. PTA spot market price of a slight increase, the current price of around East China 7,800 yuan / ton, or about 0.65 %. Polyester recent market conditions began to improve , the market price rose, in the range of 50-200 yuan / ton range. Textile terminals, pre- affected season , high temperature limit electricity , Zhejiang loom operating rate dropped to about 67% , at a lower level , but the recent high temperatures with limited power gradually ending the policy , the downstream textile market operation rate gradually higher demand for raw materials increased significantly .
Cotton market , cotton prices fell slightly in early price of 19,192 yuan / ton , the end price of 19,137 yuan / ton, compared with 0.29% in early fall . Lint spot market turnover remains light, textile enterprises lint Shangqie ample inventory , processing cotton stocks to consumption -based, cotton yarn market is slightly sluggish , low- branched varieties more serious slow-moving downstream procurement of raw enthusiasm temporarily difficult greatly improved. Late August , the domestic main cotton-producing regions mostly hot dry weather, cotton growing well in some areas, there are sporadic market for new cotton , but has not yet acquired company began to focus on the acquisition, new cotton market volume will be increasing in the future , from large macroeconomic analysis , cotton is still oversupply and inventory continues to expand, there is a certain downward pressure on cotton prices . Social business analyst Lili Heng believes cotton , cotton prices will remain weak in the short- run .
Is expected in September , the textile industry may end the traditional "Golden September and Silver October ," stocking and restocking behavior occurs . Meanwhile, the domestic economy gradually stabilized firmer , August 31 , the business community BCI index of commodity supply and demand of 0.12 , both rose to 0.97% , reflecting the month showed the manufacturing sector expanded last month, the state of the economy , the economy showed signs of stabilization . Social business analyst Xia Ting think stocking up at the library , as well as high temperature brownouts end domestic economy gradually stabilized firmer background, driven by improvement in end demand firmer feedstock market demand .