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Eighteen for the textile industry has brought new opportunities
Business agency in January 25th - a very important content of the eighteen big reports, emphasis on the real economy. The report clearly put forward to support the real economy, and give some better security in policies and measures, this is a big positive for textile industry. Industrial mission is to improve the human life, the textile industry is the most direct expression of the mission of the people's livelihood industry.
Chinese economy has entered from the quantity, scale expansion to quality, improve the efficiency of the stage, China textile industry can not go back to a few years ago that kind of high growth and high growth era. We see, the business environment of textile enterprises deterioration and the decline in performance is the current reality. This dilemma alerts us to the original growth mode must be changed, the demographic dividend decreasing, the globalization dividend disappear, means that our country faced a major economic structural adjustment, this adjustment will inevitably lead to the transition stage of economic growth and corporate profits decline. The enterprise must adapt to this trend and strategic adjustment, but don't expect the global economy to reproduce the golden times in the past after the crisis.
We are pleased to see, some enterprises through innovation to the high added value products are becoming a magic weapon they can survive the winter. In fact, enterprises out of the predicament of basic outlet lies in innovation. The enterprise must unremittingly to increase investment in research and development, promote technological innovation, product innovation, business model innovation and management innovation, through innovation to reduce the cost, expand the profit space, decentralized operational risks.
At present, between the real economy and non economy there is a huge difference in profits, capital and other production factors to non entity economic concentration. Eighteen, the government has accumulated to the entity economy departments in guiding production elements by adjusting fiscal policy, through deepening the reform of the financial system and improve the modern financial system to support the real economy development. Aiming at the problems of textile enterprises financing, financing is expensive, experts suggest the government to consider reducing the entity economy loan pressure, relative adjustment loans broke surface, the more profits in the real economy; in the long run, the key to solve the problem is to reduce the access threshold, breaking the monopoly of the banking industry, and gradually formed a "big bank service in the enterprise, bank service enterprises, small banks to small enterprises" industry pattern. At the same time, should gradually through the marketization of interest form the banking industry competition pattern, reduce bank spreads, this Daobi silver industry innovative financial products, reduce financial cost.
The party's eighteen big proposed to accelerate the speed of urbanization in our country, bring opportunities for the textile industry. In this process, a large number of city workers will be transferred to city life from the rural areas, which will bring their lifestyle changes, first is to the clothing consumption increases and the renewal, then will be reflected in different kinds of demand for home textile. Therefore, in the historical process of building a well-off society in 2020 in the textile industry, crucial position. Our textile and garment enterprises should firmly grasp the aesthetic and cultural demands that some of the crowd, design production to adapt to their level of consumption of the product, in a positive light and quick response to the market to expand the domestic market of textiles.
In short, with the big eighteen after a series of policies and measures to gradually implement, the textile industry will get new development in a gradual improvement and innovation of the mechanism.