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Chemical Fiber Industry 2013 general tone : gradually warmed up to improve the quality

Social business Jan. 10 hearing has been set sail in 2013 . As the real economy is an important part of covering the high-tech fiber and other strategic emerging industries, in a more relaxed monetary policy , the historical process of chemical fiber industry will accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading .

2013 is the key " Chemical Fiber Industry 'second ' development plan" to implement the year past and charged with the task . New Year, president of the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, review and summarize the end Xiaoping in basic industries and work processes to run in 2012 , the chemical industry in 2013 to run on some of the important issues accepted the reporter an exclusive interview .

" Chemical enterprise development model to differentiate in three directions : to extend to the upstream areas to downstream development and implementation of the diversification strategy ."

Reporter : You have pointed out , up and down the chain of chemical fiber industry expansion , or diversification is the "second five" business development model. You run around in the business line in last year's survey , the development model for the future and what to think ? What problems still exist in varying model ? How to deal with and resolve ?

End Xiaoping : "Twelve Five" period, chemical enterprise development model will further differentiate the three directions : some companies extend further towards more upstream areas , to large-scale , low-cost advantage to win ; some companies continue to downstream development, and take the difference road ; there are some implementation of the diversification strategy , to join the fiber outside areas. These three models no right or wrong , the key is clearly positioning itself enterprises , select a road and keep walking .

Reasons for the decline in profits last year, chemical industry , raw material prices are very important factors, chemical fiber industry from downstream to upstream development , good industrial chain, to resolve potential raw material risks.

In last year's survey work found patterns on the line extending downstream enterprises and diversification strategies often implemented jointly . This extends longitudinally and transversely in the fiber cross-border business strategy reflected a large group of very obvious , such as extending upstream , production PTA, caprolactam and other large materials projects. These large-scale projects , investment is high, the supply of raw materials to ensure that enterprises , stable production and enhance competitiveness of great significance ; same time, some companies are also building becomes power plants, ports and other ancillary works to meet the actual needs of production and operation , some companies or invest in real estate , involved in the bio- pharmaceutical industry rich sources of funding to support the main chemical industry.

Meanwhile, with the "going out" strategy to further deepen the field of view of domestic chemical fiber enterprises are more relaxed , will stand in the global perspective of resource allocation to resource materials developed country investment projects to ease the bottleneck of resources and trade disputes.

"Domestic market is to the Midwest , chemical industry , we should also focus their attention Midwest ."

Reporter : chemical fiber industry to advance the Midwest much attention , does that mean that the chemical fiber industry nationwide industrial transfer has been kicked off ? Industrial layout of the new zone should pay attention to what issues ?

End Xiaoping : The current chemical development mainly in the east coast , and overview of the national textile industry, if the chemical weed out , is likely to textiles in the central region of the new investment has accounted for 40% , indicating that the domestic market is shifting to the Midwest . Therefore , chemical industry as an important part of the textile industry chain, which also put the focus of attention Midwest.

For a long time , four factors make fiber productivity is mainly concentrated in the eastern region : market-based eastern -equipped to guide the rapid development of chemical fiber industry ; fiber close to the eastern part of the main raw materials , imported raw materials and export products is also dependent eastern port , and chemical fiber raw materials for transport high demand , is not conducive to long-distance from the eastern to the western land transport ; chemical is a capital and technology-intensive industries , the eastern region's economic development, adequate funding and personnel ; slower pace of SOE reform Midwest , causing the industry to shrink, declining competitiveness . The western region , in these four areas to get some improvement in recent years . Chongqing perspective on these years of textile garment and textile industry chain is gradually formed , and the talent gap between the east is also shrinking, industry maturity has also been greatly improved than before , and in the establishment of an annual output of 1 million tons Fuling PTA production base , the original eastern possess advantages in Chongqing also reflected . It should be said , the western region is the conditional gradually invest some chemical industries. It should also be seen that the current investment in the Midwest should be said chemical risks and benefits are proportional. Midwest also need to further improve and strengthen the textile industry chain . Midwest production of chemical fiber industry , the first to see who dare to eat crab.

Future layout of chemical fiber industry in the Midwest , our association has six suggestions: First, the easier issues first , the gradient transfer of technology first developed a mature industry , and in fostering the development of favorable market conditions to consider large-capacity melt spinning polyester filament yarn, staple fiber , etc., thus supporting further development of other species such as spandex . The second is to focus on parks petrochemical raw materials , supporting the development of upstream and downstream industry chain . Third, resources, environment , industry and coordinated development. Fourth, the stock of resources to drive incremental development , try not to cloth new point. Fifth, the development of advanced productive forces , promote industrial restructuring and upgrading , eliminate backward production capacity, distribution and transfer , pay attention to advanced technology , reasonable, adhere to the development of low power consumption, high efficiency, high quality advanced productivity. Six companies need to accelerate the development of central and western mixed economy , encourage private capital , foreign participation in the regional chemical structural adjustment, restructuring and expansion of the business advantages of existing assets , and further enhance the vitality of enterprises , improve industrial concentration.

"' Gradually pick up, improve quality ' is the chemical industry in 2013 to run trends and developments in the tone ."

Reporter : What are the key words you use to set the tone for 2013 chemical industry trend and development?

End Xiaoping : 2013 is the first year of full implementation of the spirit of eighteen , is the implementation of the key "Twelfth Five Year Plan" link between the past year, is to lay a solid foundation for building a moderately prosperous society in an important year . Chemical fiber industry will follow , " chemical industry" second five "development plan " requirements , while maintaining stability , accelerate industry transformation and upgrading.

" Gradually pick up, improve quality " is the chemical industry in 2013 to run trends and developments tone.

Current trends in domestic economic situation has improved , chemical fiber industry have stabilized the economy , according to the cyclical development of the industry in addition , we expect that 2013 will usher in the gradual recovery of the chemical fiber industry run trend. Industry will bottom out , profitability will be improved. 2013 domestic macroeconomic policies will show a " broad fiscal, monetary stability " posture , which is advantageous for the chemical industry continues to deepen structural adjustment and large-scale development.

Recently concluded Central Economic Work Conference stressed that the economic work in 2013 to improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth as the center . In contrast, chemical fiber industry , the production growth , while growth will also be more emphasis on quality and efficiency . Over the years, industrial restructuring has been the development of chemical fiber industry, "knot ." Speed ??up the adjustment of industrial structure, improve the overall quality of the industry has become an important way to achieve chemical power. Forced chemical fiber industry will take advantage of the formation mechanisms of the international financial crisis , to resolve the structural problem of excess capacity as a priority . Chemical fiber industry transformation and upgrading is a priority , " Twelve Five" period , this will become more prominent in the global consciousness , overall planning and scientific layout.

Eighteen report pointed out the need to implement policies and measures to be more conducive to the development of the real economy , promote strategic emerging industries, advanced manufacturing and healthy development. Textile and chemical fiber industry is the pillar industry of national life , the real economy is an important part of the high-tech fiber and composite materials is one of the emerging strategic industries in the new stage of development will be big. Chemical fiber industry will be based on the actual development of the industry , actively promote the development of high-tech fiber process industries, increase scientific and technological research and development, focusing on the cultural brand building and optimizing the industrial structure, to achieve sustainable development of the industry .

' Around' changing industry development mode ' which a main focus on promoting the adjustment of industrial structure . "

Reporter : in 2013 , the industry and the association will focus on what aspects of work ?

End Xiaoping : 2013 , chemical fiber associations working idea is : to thoroughly implement the spirit of the meeting eighteen and scientific development, accelerate the transformation of the industry development, the industry focused on the implementation of the 'second five ' development plan to enhance the competitiveness of the industry , to protect stable and healthy operation of the industry , and strive to build a beautiful chemical industries. Concrete will continue to focus on " changing the way the industry development ," this one main line through the " upgrade " and "innovation -driven" two means , focus on promoting the adjustment of industrial structure , promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry ; efforts to enhance the independent innovation capacity building, breakthrough innovation-driven development ; efforts to promote ecological civilization construction industry , breaking the cycle of economic development ; efforts to strengthen the integrated service platform to enhance service capacity and quality.