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Chemical fiber industry to enhance market power
Over the years, the development of China's chemical fiberindustry is mainly around the industrial chain manufacturinglink to promote the "hard power" to meet the downstreamdemand, while the construction in the brand, service and other"soft power" is a weak link. Chemical fiber industry is also a lack of similar "Lycra", "modal" that the international influence of the well-known brands of fiber. In creating the chemical fiber industry upgrade edition, foster new competitive advantages in the task, to strengthen brand building work, and gradually promote the chemical fiber from quantity expansion to quality improvement, complete industrial chain of manufacturing shiftfrom the past to the pursuit of perfect pursuit of the value chain.
Strengthen the innovation ability of enterprises establish brand foundation
As a non terminal consumer goods upstream raw materials,fiber value mainly through its technical, differentiation, functionto reflect, and make the fiber functional, differential rely ontechnological innovation, therefore the innovation in chemical fiber brand value system also has the key position. This is whywe have the capability of independent innovation as thechemical fiber industry "Twelfth Five Year Plan" the firstimportant task is the key.
From the industry point of view, one is the proportion ofinvestment in science and technology, chemical fiber enterprises of science and technology activities outlay for product sales revenue continued to increase, in 2012 industryinvestment in scientific research funding for product salesrevenue reached 1% ~ 1.5%, key enterprises reached more than 3%; compared with Europe and other developedeconomies, in the proportion of inputs is still not a small gap.Two is the technical center building, the technology centerindustry of national enterprises 13, built above the provincial level technical center of chemical fiber enterprises increased from 20 in 2010 to 40. The three is the integration of industrial technology innovation ability, the chemical fiber industry has accelerated the research to enterprises with innovation platform, industry alliance platform construction, strengthen thetextile industry chain upstream and downstream enterprisesand joint, improve the cooperative innovation ability.
Enterprise innovation ability promotion, except the factors ofinvestment in science and technology and other aspects of theouter, attention should be paid to the fusion problem. From the development trend of the international science and technology,industry technology innovation continues to accelerate thespeed of transformation, appear more breakthrough, crosscollection situation; interdisciplinary integration accelerating,emerging disciplines continue to emerge, life science, materials science, energy information network science and technologyare moving in brewing a new breakthrough, is to grasp the opportunity, to live can not grasp, it will result in a passivesituation in the international market. We should grasp the current development trend of informatization and industrialization depth integration, cross-border integration,development mode and the promotion of the idea. One is to actively make use of information technology to enhance themanufacturing and supply chain management quality andefficiency. The two is with the development of cultural and creative industries and manufacturing integration andinterdisciplinary, cross sectoral integration business, brand development, cross-border cooperation has become theeffective way to meet consumer diversity and complex.
Improve marketing ability enrich the connotation of the brand
Marketing capability is one of the hard targets branddevelopment of enterprises, through the continuous improvement of the traditional marketing channels, pay attention to publicity and promotion of the brand, promote multi-level business channel construction, through thechannels of innovation, the realization of "the integration of production, sales and service".