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Energy saving green printing and dyeing of textile printing
Resources and environmental constraints is the prominent problem facing China's economic and social development, it can be said that environmental problems are directly related toeach of us. China's textile industry is a high energy consumption, high water consumption and high pollution. So do the energy-saving emission reduction is particularly important for printing and dyeing enterprises.
Energy saving green printing and dyeing of textile printing
Printing and dyeing industry transformation and upgrading is not only conducive to the development of its own, it is the important force to promote the transformation and upgrading of textile printing industry. Because the printing and dyeing industry as the intermediate link of textile industry chain, is rich in variety, textile products to upgrade the textile value-added products indispensable industry, is an important embodiment of the core competitiveness of the industry of textile industry.At the same time, because of the characteristic of wet processing, chemical processing, this industry and be responsible for the entire textile industry pollution reduction is a key industry, textile industry energy-saving emission reduction, environmental protection, occupies an important position in the energy saving and emission reduction andimprove value-added textile products etc..
Energy saving and emission reduction in dyeing and printing enterprises is the enterprise survival issue, but also politicalissue, is one of the important part of national development strategy. In the national "Twelfth Five Year" development plan,energy saving and emission reduction projects are listed separately, embodies the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period of national attention on the problem of resources and environment, will increase the support. The state imposes strictconstraints on energy saving textile industry during the "Twelfth Five Year Plan".
The implementation of new technology of energy saving and emission reduction equipment
Textile printing and dyeing enterprise development and production of low consumption, low pollution, in line with market demand products, the use of new technologies, newprocesses, new equipment, new materials development with independent intellectual property rights, high value-addedtextile products. Textile printing and dyeing enterprise should implement three energy, water management, set up specialized agencies or personnel to supervise the energy, water, sewage,and set up the management evaluation system and data statistics system.
Energy-saving emission reduction is the need of the sustainable development of our country, is the need of the survival and development of printing and dyeing printing and dyeing factory, including pretreatment, dyeing and printing,finishing, energy-saving emission reduction technology of sewage treatment and three metering management technology. If the management is to achieve energy-saving emission reduction software, so the new technology and newequipment is to achieve energy-saving emission reductionhardware, with both hands, to achieve energy-saving emission reduction targets.
China's dyeing and printing industry is a low profit industry,many small and medium-sized enterprises in the energy-saving environmental protection investment is not enough, advanced technology has not been widely used in the industry. But this view is the current need to break through the backward,conservative point of view, this view do not see the use of advanced technology to bring economic benefits, and the need to improve the backward management in the implementation ofadvanced technology. Therefore, to grasp energy-saving emission reduction, upgrading and transformation can drive the printing and dyeing industry.