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Seven petrochemical industry base in the State Key Construction in Lianyungang
In June 4th, the State Council executive meeting held the deployment, scientific layout and environmental safety of intensive development of petrochemical industry, especially points out that the future national petrochemical industrial layout must be in strict accordance with the implementation of the petrochemical industry planning. According to the national development and Reform Commission petrochemical industry coordination department director Cai Ronghua said, petrochemical industrial layout scheme shall be determined andannounced recently. Lianyungang and Dalian Changxing Island (West of the island), petrochemical industry base in Hebei Caofeidian, Shanghai Caojing,Zhejiang Ningbo, Huizhou, Guangdong Fujian Gulei together in the State Keyconstruction.
It is understood, in the global competition, rising resources and environmental constraints, some of the products of excessive dependence on imported cases,countries to accelerate the integration of regional petrochemical industry,according to the security environmental protection, scientific and rational planning, improve industrial efficiency, energy security principle, do a good jobpetrochemical industrial layout. According to the requirements of the nationalpetrochemical industry planning, the national petrochemical industry base in the coastal region space relatively independent safety depth, wide Island, peninsula,abandoned salt pans, scientific layout of new petrochemical industry base,promote industrial cluster development. In 2013, the national development and Reform Commission to do industry (2013) 2924, the reply of Jiangsu province and Sinopec Group, officially approved to carry out preparatory work forLianyungang petrochemical industrial base planning and a phase of the project.
City classics is believed appoint relevant responsible person said, at present,Lianyungang City has zhewang port industrial zone and Xu Wei District two major petrochemical industrial park, formed a new as the leading petrochemicalpetrochemical downstream enterprises dozens of, the main products aregasoline, diesel, naphtha, liquefied petroleum gas, propylene, propane,propylene, sulfur, MTBE, butyl alcohol, acrylic acid, forming a refined oiladditives, acrylic, C4, recovery of tail gas and petrochemical industry chain. In addition to the petrochemical industry, Lianyungang city also formed a region ofLianyungang Chemical Industrial Park, Guanyun Port Industrial Zone, Banqiao Industrial Park and other three fine chemical industry, building development of marine chemical industry, basic chemical, agricultural chemical, fine chemical,biological chemical, chemical new materials such as the six major chemicalindustry pattern.
According to reports, the next step will be in accordance with nationalrequirements of Lianyungang Lianyungang, the petrochemical industry baseunified planning, step-by-step implementation, scientific layout, joint development,in accordance with the "integration, large-scale, park, high-end, clean" ideas, and gradually built functional area clear, industry with world-class petrochemical industry base close, the project layout and orderly, public facilities, resources and energy saving, the harmonious ecological environment, management of serviceand efficient.