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The delegation of Peixian private enterprises visit GuoWang
On the morning of August 3, Pei County, Xuzhou City, non-public enterprises delegation came to the country at tech to visit the exchange enterprise party to build the job and, deputy secretary of Party group, Gao Sujian enthusiasm received the delegation.
Under the lead of Gao Sujian, delegation, has visited the military tech "one-stop" party service center and complete functions of party activity centers. Visit process, high Su Jian details of the enterprises in the party work will produce and Party building work concept of organic combination of and practice. Then delegation to enter the production workshop, a pioneer gang members and Party building demonstration projects to the eyes of the delegation members. After the visit, they have said that through this country at Tech in the work of Party building and the building of enterprise culture in-depth understanding of learning, for enterprise party builds the job to provide the valuable experience, and through the integration of reference state Wang Gaoke building experience to achieve the gradual improvement of the enterprise's own.