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Visit Shenghong Petrochemical red base to celebrate ninety-five anniversary of the founding of "two a" learning education
To commemorate the 95 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, solid to carry out a good "two to learn a" study and education, July, Sheng Hong group divided into four batches of more than 200 party members to Lianyungang Hongsheng Petrochemical Industrial Park Ferris industrial event, and to collective viewing of Huaian District Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall and the former residence of and a lively spirit of education. Facing Hong Sheng in Petrochemical Industrial Park of Lianyungang, large-scale installations and the whole industry chain of integrated planning, visit members without exception for five years to Sheng Hong Petrochemical achieved results repeatedly praise, and determined to bring this hard, struggle and faith back to work, South Suzhou, Xu Wei Bei common stride forward business goals. Then in solemn Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall, the party members by listen to the scene to explain, viewing pictures relics, to pay tribute to the statue, and so on, a detailed understanding of Premier Zhou Enlai spared no efforts, Piganlidan, clean and honest, work diligently for the people of the glorious life.
Through this visit to learn and education activities, Party members to further deeply understand the "two to learn to do" connotation, based on "learning", the key is to do". Based on their own, work hard, with the Communist Party member's standard strict demands on themselves, to become a qualified party members, outstanding communist party member, to promote the development of enterprises make new contribution.