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To review the red history and carry forward the revolutionary spirit
In order to further carry out the "two to learn a" study and education activities, strengthen the revolutionary tradition education of the party members in enterprises, inherit and carry forward the party's fine tradition, July 1, Sheng Hong group company party came to Jiaxing South Lake revolutionary memorial hall to visit.
All Party members in the explanation explanation under the guidance of, watched the museum "exalted", "glorious history" Exhibition on display pictures, text description, physical data and restored scenes, understanding of China from the closed door policy in the late Qing Dynasty, and has attracted the Western powers bullying, to a generation of generation of proletarian revolutionaries to explore the road of saving the nation from extinction, and under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the initial jipinjiruo old China into a modern socialist country the arduous and heroic revolutionary history.
Through the study tour, the members of the party have said this is a spiritual shock red education activities, and feel the revolutionary martyrs firm ideal and faith and hard work of the fine style of work. In the next work, they have to in this study as an opportunity to carry forward the fine tradition of the revolutionary predecessors, steadfast man, cautious and conscientious work, with practical action to comfort the martyrs, creating general business situation.