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Nantong city Gangzha district party secretary of non-public enterprises into the country at the tech scene teaching
On the morning of the 17th, by members of the Nantong Gangzha District Organization of non-public enterprises party secretary training class, came to the country at hi tech were the teaching scene, Sheng Hong group, deputy party secretary Gao Sujian enthusiasm received training class members.
Training class, has visited the country at tech "one-stop" party service center, complete functions of party activity centers, high Su Jian introduced in detail Shenghong group in the party development services to a number of specific work, and achieved in the staff good response. Then members of the training group, a line of in-depth production workshop site, to understand the organic combination of Sheng Hong party building work and production management. Training class members have said that the for in the work of Party building and the building of enterprise culture in-depth exchanges, for the party building work of the enterprise's own development provides valuable experience, and through the integration of drawing and implemented to further improve.