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Sheng Hong group Party committee held a plenary meeting of all
May 20th, Sheng Hong group Party committee held a plenary meeting of the general assembly, the General Assembly on the work of the Central Committee of the Party committee of this year to mobilize the deployment. The general assembly, by the party secretary Gao Sujian, deputy secretary of the chair.
Will, Su Jian fill rainbow group Party committee to carry out the "two studies and a" learning the purpose and meaning of the educational activities are described in detail, and called on all Party members to actively participate in the "two to learn a" study and education, to enhance the party spirit in learning, enhance understanding, grasp the party organization of Party members to seek, light body shaping, party identification, responsibility, rules consciousness enhancement, conscientiously in accordance with the standards and requirements of the party members to do, play the exemplary vanguard role of Party members, to do a outstanding member of the Communist Party.
At the same time, the assembly district town level on behalf of the party's election, the election requirements itemized, each party serious exercise the power of the party members, and cast his solemn vote. Finally, Congress successfully produced district and town level two party congress.