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District Organization minister Zhou Chunliang visit research group
In April 27th, Wujiang Committee of Ministers of the organization Zhou Chunliang to visit Hong Sheng investigation. Research Group has come to the headquarters of the Hong Sheng Hong, the country hopes to see. Group vice chairman Tang Jinkui, deputy secretary of the group, Gao Sujian, and other accompanying research.
At the meeting, Tang Jinkui on behalf of the company to the research group introduced the development of Sheng hong. He said that in recent years, Sheng Hong group outstanding advantages in energy saving and emission reduction in dyeing, and actively promote the integration of the two projects, in differential fiber field plough, has made great development; in the aspect of Party building, Party committee of group around the "ningxinjuli promote development" theme and "two studies do a" learning co-ordination work. Zhou Chunliang expressed the hope Shenghong will continue to grasp the opportunity, give full play to the advantages of the industry, make a greater contribution to the enterprise and local economic development, in the work of Party building, to work closely with production practice fusion, innovation mode, build a Sheng Hong characteristics and influence of the party to build the brand, enable Shenghong become more representative demonstration enterprises.