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Sheng Hong group won the "Jiangsu province model worker" title
Recently, Jiangsu Provincial Federation of trade unions announced the model workers in Jiangsu Province of recognition of the list, Shenghong group union with the care worker, was highly appraised by the Provincial Federation of trade unions, to be named the "model workers in Jiangsu Province".
Sheng Hong Group actively play the role of trade unions as a bridge between enterprises and employees, to broaden the mentality of staff to create a favorite home". The company has established a sound organizational structure, establish a sound working standard, and safeguard the rights and interests of workers and staff, and extensively carry out various activities to improve the spiritual civilization and quality of workers. In order to create a good learning atmosphere, rich cultural life of Amateur workers unions actively carry out all kinds of management innovation, job training, rationalization proposals and other activities, launch, and guide the majority of employees actively involved in the work of enterprises, in work and in life for employees to provide a reliable guarantee, has gradually become an enterprise recognized, employees trust trade union organizations.