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Wujiang district organization department vice minister Shen Zhensong line to guide the work of Party building in Hong Sheng
On the afternoon of March 3, Wujiang district organization department vice minister Shen Zhensong line to the country at the hi tech research and understanding of the enterprise party building work of the organization and, deputy secretary of Party group, Gao Sujian and hope Gaoke total production assistant Zhang Jianguo, accompanied by research.
Shen Zhensong line has field visits the country at tech "one-stop" party service center, party activity centers, visited the country at high tech production site of the vanguard party post, understanding of the work of Party building in the workshop.
Subsequently, deputy secretary of the Party committee Gao Sujian to the research group, reported the country at tech 2016 "activity of party work plan and construction of Party group autonomy and flexibility in an effort to achieve, Party group activity open, competition, service, party activity participation incentive of as the main direction, will work to implement the details, to vibrant party building work form, give enterprise development demand and the trend of combining and service enterprise's production and operation. Shen Secretary after listening to the report pointed out that military Tech in the construction of Party building environment and facilities efforts worthy of recognition and praise, the vitality of the party building work with practice. At the same time, the organization structure needs further improvement, the enthusiasm of Party members to effectively mobilize and building services and sublimation, in order to fully realize the effective integration of Party construction and enterprise production. He also stressed the strengthening of the two school one to do the study and practice, improve the party building work.