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Shenghong group won the Mission District honorary title
In a recent meeting of the Communist Youth League in Suzhou, Wujiang District, the 18th session of the Second Committee (enlarged) meeting, Sheng Hong Group false twist a workshop League branch was named the honorary title of "the year 2015 Wujiang District top ten league branch, Cheng Hong Group false twist two Li Guofeng was awarded the honorary title of" the year 2015 Wu Jiang District ten young station expert ", Sheng Hong League Secretary of the thermoelectric Shen Furong was named" the year 2015 Wujiang District outstanding League branch secretary "honorary title.
In recent years, the group organized by Sheng Hong group to pay close attention to the organization and cultural construction, and actively organize a variety of forms, rich content of positive energy activities, the emergence of a lot like false twisting a good group of branches. To encourage and guide the young staff establish learning and innovation consciousness, dedication consciousness Group adhere to the plan, has the plan to carry out elite group plans, QC research, youth volunteer activities, and the implementation of the branch, and vigorously promote the work of the Communist Youth League, is the height of the Mission District would. Looking forward to the new year, the group will continue to work hard, sum up experience and move towards a higher goal.