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State hope the Party branch held a party branch in 2016 branch of the general assembly
In February 18th, at the beginning of the Spring Festival, China Hi tech at the Party branch in the party activities center in 2016 the first party branch meeting. The meeting focused on the development of the party members in 2016, and the organization of the Party of spring lectures practice and all members of the group discussed how to effectively carry out the organizational life. The meeting also ushered in a number of special participants - Wujiang party building in July sunshine column group, the whole group participated in the section of the branch meeting.
After the meeting, the group, deputy party secretary of the Gao Sujian to column group introduced the enterprise "into Party building" mode, and focuses on the military tech 2016 "activity of party work plan and construction of Party group autonomy and flexibility in an effort to achieve, Party group activities public Kaihua, competition, service, party activity participation incentive as the main direction. Subsequently, column group, field experience in the hope of "one-stop" party service center, party activity centers, visited the staff dormitory and vanguard party post. Column group in-depth comprehensive understanding of the country at the party organization construction, on the party building work expressed appreciation think military striking achievements in the work of Party building, the effect is obvious, worthy of promotion in Wujiang District in non-public enterprises.