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All the party members "tonic group" to carry out training activities in 2016
To strengthen the study of the political theory of the party members, strengthen the party ideology, January 11, group Party positive response that higher authorities call, to mobilize and organize the party members of the branch to carry out training activities.
This winter is divided into the party in accordance with regulations and Wujiang district "13th Five-Year" plan for the interpretation of the two chapters. The first chapter focused on interpretation of the "integrity of the Communist Party of China (CPC) self-discipline standards" and the Chinese Communist Party disciplinary regulations, "the revised within the party important laws and regulations, from" Party organizations at all levels mainly what to do "," the majority of Party members mainly what to do, "party members and cadres to do the what, on how to implement the two important laws and regulations make a concrete analysis, the party organizations at all levels and the majority of Party members and cadres to better learning implement two party regulations, implement comprehensive strictly required provides a guide to action. The second chapter focuses Wujiang "45" planning the overall arrangements and the progress, Wujiang 45 period stage of development characteristics are analyzed, and detailed interpretation of the Wujiang "45" planning outline of the basic ideas, guiding ideology, development strategy, development goals and major tasks, and the next step in the region how to strengthen the work of initiatives, better to put the objectives and tasks of the 45 plan implemented for specific analysis.
Every year, the group Party committee actively organize to carry out training, aims to improve the quality of all the party members advanced thought, bearing in mind the party important decision-making and deployment. Through the winter, members of Party discipline with new understanding, but also more explicit in Wujiang "45" planning an important content and significance, for the future of Party members to strengthen their own learning, improve their party spirit consciousness provides a valuable opportunity.