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Sheng Hong "red culture" study group into the Jiangnan Jiajie
December 10, in Wujiang District Organization Department, Shengze Town organized the office leaders led, group Party committee and the Party branch secretary, a total of 12 people to jiangnanjiajie Elevator Co., Ltd. visit the exchange of Party building work.
In the process of communication, "Secretary of the group to further understand and study the Jiangnan Jiajie in the party atmosphere, the building of enterprise culture and make the features and highlights, which open style office environment, pay attention to personalized and humanized entertainment facilities and logistics safeguard measures, make the accompanying" red culture "team learning quite shocked.
The exchange learning, and provided a reference for group a step how to do a good job "party construction and enterprise culture fusion, also to the branch secretary in the future how to play the key role of the party members, involved the construction of enterprise culture has a vivid" experience lesson.