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Shengze Jiangsu hospital to work hand in hand to carry out first aid knowledge lecture
In order to improve staff ability to self-help and mutual aid, enhance self-help and mutual aid consciousness and rich knowledge of medical rescue, Sheng Hong group Party committee invited Jiangsu Shengze hospital emergency department deputy director Zhu is for employees of "platinum ten minutes self-help and mutual aid and lectures.
In most cases, we see patients with sudden illness often call 120 emergency calls at a loss, but I do not know the ambulance to the ten minutes before the minutes is precisely the most critical ten minutes. Zhu Zhengxie director for the company employees about the importance and significance of the "platinum ten minutes" first aid and guide you in ten minutes it should first determine conscious patients, patients with respiratory, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and artificial respiration to patients. Director Zhu to everyone emphasizes the key in the process of emergency, such as in the process of cardiopulmonary resuscitation hand pressing the intensity and location, artificial respiration blowing action, a live demonstration, on-site employees intrigued, have been using a mobile phone will aid the process to.
After the lecture, attending lectures workers carry platinum ten minutes self rescue exercises under the guidance of professional doctors. Group party will always be the safety of workers in the first place, and actively organize safety education activities, for employees to provide a platform for learning safety knowledge and skills, can timely self-help and mutual aid in the critical moment, to individuals and enterprises is a very meaningful thing.