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Participate in the community fire, building a safe home Sheng Hong group, the fourteenth session of the fire campaign will be held successfully
In order to enhance the fire safety awareness of the broad masses of workers and improve the fire prevention and self rescue ability, master the basic skills to escape, the effective prevention to reduce fire accidents, in the group of the party organization, on the afternoon of November 9, Sheng Hong group the 14th fire movement will be in the country at tech concourse opened the prelude.
Leadership of the Wujiang District Fire Brigade Deputy brigade commander maqinghua, Wujiang, deputy director of the innings Lu Jianlong, Pingwang town of politics and Law Committee Secretary stone Weilin etc. attended the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, and to give guidance to the field. Group CEO Assistant Dong Hua gu peace Hope Town Secretary of politics and Law Committee Shi Weilin respectively in a speech at the opening ceremony, speech, they stressed that "prevention is better than disaster relief, responsibility is weightier than Mount Tai", all staff must be vigilant in peace time, always tighten the safety in production of the string, firmly establish safety first guiding ideology. From the section of the 31 representatives of Sheng Hong, a total of more than 300 people participated in the games.
The fire movement with a total of 4 * 50m relay fire extinguishers, water lifting weight of 50 meters run, two disc hose connection, fire suits, fire helmet wearable game, emergency rescue five events. Before each event, the officers and men of the fire brigade will do technical guidance for the players in the field, and emphasize the matters needing attention in the competition.
November weather seemed vagaries, air terminals greatly, but each team athletes are enthusiastic, the atmosphere was very warm. "A branch of gas -" "Shenghong science and technology team to win!" In the sound of cheering sound and the referee's whistle, the game started. In the individual event, players are doing their best to fight each other. In the group project, players cooperate with each other, with the tacit understanding. Individual athletes because of running too fast to fall in the ground, still in spite of the pain of running the whole process is to win the applause of the scene. Among them, the fire service, fire helmet wearable game project, Sheng Hong technology 3 team to 7 seconds 44 results refresh last year's record won the championship. Other individual awards were also obtained by other teams.
In the previous November 2nd organized by the fire knowledge contest, the representatives of the team through the need to stimulate the answer, grab the answer, risk, and other aspects of the problem, learn a wealth of fire knowledge. The final six plants with good play to get the knowledge of the championship. And through this afternoon fierce rivalry, Sheng Hong technology 3 team by virtue of the excellent performance in various projects, to get the current fire movement will be the first group, Shenghong technology 2 team, Zhonglu technology team 2 were obtained group second and third.
This year is the twenty-fifth National Fire day, and the fire of the Hong Hong Group has also successfully held fourteen sessions. Provide a good opportunity for employees to learn fire knowledge, but also provide a broad platform for staff to demonstrate fire skills. As a has more than 30000 employees of large private enterprises, Shenghong group conscientiously implement the system of fire control work, efforts to increase the safety inspection, actively carry out various forms of education and training activities, deepen the staff awareness of fire safety, and will be killed in the cradle of any potential safety problems.