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Lianyungang outstanding Party members and headquarters to carry out the interaction of red culture learning
September 12, led by Sheng Hong Petrochemical party members Liang Zhaoke 16 name of Lianyungang outstanding Party members and outstanding staff in Party headquarters to carried out red culture interactive learning, further understanding of Sheng Hong headquarters building of enterprise culture, construction of the Party style.
In a period of two days of the visit, 16 members has entered the printing and dyeing factory, enterprise culture museum, at tech smart production workshop and rich characteristic in Jiangnan ancient town of Tongli, in the experience of enterprise vigorous development of lean at the same time, a taste of the local Suzhou Wu culture atmosphere. For 16 members, it is rare to headquarters and close contact opportunities, especially in field experience the Shenghong different industries plate, as Shenghong a member of proud, proud sense wells up in the hearts of these members.
In the exchange of learning process, 16 members have in the headquarters building and production workshop, stop pictures, to the "headquarters" left a precious memory.