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'Rumors of the Millennium' refers to Sheng Hong heritage of civilization Chinese silk for thousands of years, carrying silk are excellent cultural tradition, with printing and dyeing business glory; "Hong Yang the world" refers to Sheng Hong group of colorful, colorful like a beautiful rainbow to show to the world.
Logo from the two aspects of time and space performance development Shenghong group infinite, contains the enterprises to build Evergreen Foundation, good vision into the international market, embodies the Shenghong group persistent business philosophy, broad and profound connotation of literacy, Chengde pragmatic and simple style, the magnificent bearing the ambitious, innovative the spirit of the times, is an inevitable choice for scientific development, is the solid foundation of centenary. Logo is a highly affirmed the Shenghong group for many years of entrepreneurial success, on the other hand is the era mission to Sheng Hong group put forward new requirements.