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"Labor achievements dream" seventh Wujiang district staff literary contest Shenghong return fully loaded
Once a year the worker literature competition aims to promote and active worker spiritual life of advanced culture, and actively create a strong cultural atmosphere of the staff, promote the staff culture activities, enhance the staff's cultural literacy. The literary and artistic competitions Wujiang district is the major enterprises and institutions to display staff wind color's grand tournament, covers a wide range, the large number of participants, influence.
The seventh Wujiang district staff literary contest covers Shengze, Ping Wang, Song Ling, division ten, were involved in the game show nearly 200, the final 58 programs into the finals. The final four concert: the auspices of class, language class, special special vocal music class concert, dance concert.
Prepare for everything in good order and well arranged early weaknesses
Notice in March 5th received Wujiang district staff literary contest, in the evening, Sheng Hong company staff club called an emergency meeting of the tournament, two sides of the strong, weak, zhiyizhibi. This year for the first time in the classification of the form of the game, is not only a challenge, but also is a great opportunity. At present we Shenghong sketch team reputation abroad, the status dance team professional levels, presided over the remarkable vocal music class, weak, after discussion for nearly two hours, set a "combat" scheme: the main sketch class, a strong push dance, music and vocal music class, in class.
First of all, the establishment of the original sketch class group, "King pieces," Zhu Chengli as the leader, is mainly responsible for the creation of essays, ten days later, the draft "workers" fresh out of the oven. Second, the first staff club dance repertoire "Hongyan", "Huaxi Huaxi", by Feng Jinjun, director, deputy director of dance Lin Weidong dance, solely responsible for the. Third, sound poetry class, must reflect the theme of the competition, created by Chen Dingling, Chen Jian gatekeeper, invited Zhu Junfeng to join. Three party everything in good order and well arranged, each.
Battle pieces smooth dance stunning win sound and steady pass
Shengze court held in people's Theatre in April 17th, Sheng Hong technology consists of three programs in. "Huaxi Huaxi" beautiful dance, the whole atmosphere. "Dream on the road" is based on a true story visually to transfer positive energy -- labor achievements dream. The sketch "workers" true feelings vividly reducing staff in Sheng Hong's life, bursting point layer. It is worth mentioning that, in a preliminary hearing "workers" by the judges to comment on is full of energy, but the lack of bursting point and baggage. This let the small group of 'refine on, this essay is the accident as the main line, bursting point is very difficult, even changed a few days do not feel satisfied. In the last two days, they boldly give up the original, re create another work, "the new workers worry", see the smile, the sketch group everyone breathed a sigh of relief.
Ping Wang court held in Pingwang New Century Theatre in April 10th, poetry recitation "dream" China labor beauty by passionate, bold language to show their beauty; "snow happiness" fresh and natural; Dance "spring rain" picturesque; modern table "mechanical dance" dynamic, the most amazing is the dance "Hongyan" an expression, an action affects the whole hearts, stunning finalists.
The finals to deliver the goods return fully loaded go to all lengths
In April 19th the first sketch class session. The sketch "workers" on the finale appearance, electronic background is Sheng Hong two lordly headquarters building, table is also arranged a workshop office scene, a play on the people to the scene. Coupled with the striking one snag after another story, several "old actor" the tacit understanding, lifelike performance, to each enterprise show Shenghong employees in Shenghong happy life, the final, won the special prize essay category to score.
April 20th - presided over the special, to recite the poem "snow happiness" refreshing, won the award of excellence. "Dream" Chinese labor beauty four performers clothing gorgeous, clear, in a worker's pride well done this show, won the three prize in poetry "on the road"; a picture reading, scene, video fusion showed white-collar, blue collar workers, each industry to process, labor achievements dream went straight to the theme as a whole, more convincing, won the two prize.
April 21st dance class. Dance performance is master gathered, extraordinary strength! "Mechanical dance" new revision, more outstanding personal technology, won the award of excellence in dance. "Huaxi Huaxi" the nettle, battle of other enterprises large dance "Peacock" tribal "beautiful Jiangnan", outstanding, be neither humble nor pushy, won the two prize. Facing the Wujiang Cultural Palace of professional teachers "dance" dance basin base, "Hongyan" open another shortcut, in addition to maintaining the excellent dance movements, focusing on the expression of dance and the feelings of homesickness, the true feelings, Become, and with high adventure won a prize.
Sheng Hong actively preparing in this contest, best to pay return fully loaded! Recorded: language class special prize; dance, dance class special prize special award two, dance class special award of excellence; prize two, presided over the session presided over the special prize three, presided over the special award of excellence. But I believe that more important is in front of the leadership, model workers, workers show Shenghong workers love work, love life, hard work, unity of God color appearance!