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Company organization correspondent of folk songs
Open company news correspondent, mutual exchange of experience in writing, March 30th, group editorial organization communication team, went to Wuxi Xihui Park and Turtle Head Islet writing folk songs. Through this correspondent outdoor folk songs, not only effectively increase the enthusiasm of the correspondent writing, also built the mutual communication and exchange platform for corporate communications team, your correspondent in the work, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, the feelings of Wuxi oriental cherry culture charm, looking for inspiration for writing.
In order to strengthen the company propaganda work, to establish a corporate image, group editing department has organized several correspondent to carry out correspondent activities, benefit by mutual discussion, put forward many suggestions and opinions. In the future, the group editorial department will also not regularly carry out various activities, to reinforce the communication training, and continuously improve the comprehensive quality of communications staff, company news propaganda for future work to lay a good foundation.