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2014 Spring Festival gala held Shenghong shares
Veuve Clicquot bid farewell to the old year, horse spring. Let us also start anew, we usher in the 2014 solid, but also ushered in the Shenghong children gather together day. In 2014 January, Sheng Hong company staff club held a "Sheng Sheng Hong shares 虹梦" 2014 Spring Festival gala. The party has gained support from the company leadership, departments, and held in January 10th, January 18th in Sheng Hong technology, country looking in the perch two.
Two party unique, colorful. The invitation to the company leadership and staff together to watch, the wonderful performances by the actors, play staff good mental outlook and in Sheng Hong happy life.
Sheng Hong technology opening dance "happy Chinese years", 10 lovely Sheng Hong baby appearance will laugh you, their biggest 11 years old, the youngest only 3 years old, sweet, clumsy movements, in bursts of laughter began the evening curtain. Song "three hundred and sixty-five wishes", "beautiful mood" and Sheng Hong family dance "home and everything", clothing, singing sweet sweet red festive Dance Festival, warm, as Shenghong children brought thick New Year wishes; song "hero", "modern dance" incantation ", not to move or retreat to walk dynamic fashion line, hot full; crosstalk" wife to Sheng Hong "" company "thief actors superb performing skills and perfect match with amused everyone uproarious, offbeat comedy" decompression "is point foot, bursting point, also really take the audience" decompression "a. Laughter, touching. Dance "Hongyan" performance of the prairie man on the home miss, Shadow Dance "home" for the children and parents concerned about the performance of the most incisive. Pay the total return, the company's development cannot do without each staff's efforts, the company leadership for the advanced awarded honorary certificates, thunderous applause from the audience.
If Sheng Hong technology spring warm moved down to earth, then the hope in the bass spring is beautiful beautiful tall. Classical dance "Jasmine" feelings "and" Ling rain poem Cantabile picturesque, dream, dream of spring. Nunchaku "brought about by the boys I'm Bruce Lee" to show the beauty of the boys. In addition, men and women combined dance "Love Waltz" is the perfect interpretation of the sweet love, yearning. Language programs let you shine at the moment, the large palace sketch "Zhen" will play to the end ring back, lifelike performance, exaggerated and funny action, let the scene comedy constantly. Original sketches "fork cut growth" in laughter let everyone remember the importance of safety. Nowadays the most popular dance "fox called" also be in perch spinning employees gorgeous show on the stage, the audience enthusiastic interaction.
Every evening except the wonderful show exciting, heavyweight draw more eye-catching. This year in addition to the continuation of the previous rich award, also added a "dream into Sheng Hong" dreams link site, has become the biggest bright spot in the spring. The prize based on the life of staff, with the "workers paid leave of five days", "free couples room a year", "the scene to distant parents call" and other awards, by the staff welcome. In the Spring Festival Gala on science and technology, asked one dream: what is your full 虹梦? She says she hopes to have more time to go home to see his daughter. When the dream into reality, she in the "staff paid vacation ten days", on-site boiling, the thunderous applause for her, as she can go home to visit her daughter's "Sheng 虹梦" applause!
Each Sheng 虹人 heart have a full 虹梦. No matter what kind of dream, dream is happy! May the Sheng 虹人 opposite positive, with the mentality of the sun on the future work and life, to enjoy the stay Shenghong and friend, your family every day, enjoy the beauty of the dream, enjoy a youth is the most beautiful in life.