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In 2013, Cheng Hong Group year-end summary of the general assembly and the Chinese New Year Party
On the evening of twelve, Cheng Hong Group Co., Ltd. 2013 year-end summary of the general assembly and the Chinese New Year Party Congress was held, to review the past year Shenghong group's achievements, and advanced individuals, the annual advanced group award. In the following spring evening, the plate with exquisite show, attentively performance, showing Shenghong employees colorful side.
Party in the full flavor, filled with festive dance "prosperous Spring Festival" in a prologue, in the red lanterns were dancing fan, warm, dynamic dance, dance of the joy of spring, the atmosphere on the spot will be ignited; song "home and everything", "run" Sang Sheng 虹人 for family, for a better vision of the future; Dance "dream" will belong to the south of the beautiful show dripping delicate, "Huaxi Huaxi" reproduced Shenghong staff in the town of Shengze silk culture festival style. A brilliant show, or with a beautiful song, or a dance, or use the passion of the recitation adequately Shenghong group when the end of the year and peaceful festive, Sang Sheng Hong children aggressive fighting spirit, the spirit of song and dance of the heroic feelings. Interspersed among the lucky draw is the party atmosphere to a climax.
The Chinese New Year party in a carefully prepared every branch company, offer a open up a fresh outlook performances for everyone here, the entire venue immersed in a piece of laughter.