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Employee sports group 22 anniversary series of activities will be held successfully
National sports activity Sheng Hong
In May 15th, the staff sports group 22 anniversary series of activities will be in the chemical area basketball officially kicked off. More than 300 athletes from each group plate expansionexciting competition in 4 games, actively show their stubborntemper, overcome difficulties, hard-working team spirit. The group invited to the town of union vice president Yi Xiaohong,Secretary of the Communist Youth League leader such as Wu Wenqing town as the honored guest; group human resourcesdepartment director Liu Yongjun company leaders attended the activities at the scene.
The staff sports spirit of "open, fair, fair competition principle,adhere to the" focus on participation, focusing on the exchange, and it improves the. Work break exercises, eleven out of ten feet, tug of war, relay four competitions, two points on the afternoon. Held in the morning break, with each teamand field order, the overall image quality, exercises as the judgment standard. 2, the debut of the Sheng Hong technologyteam play drew all the cheers, neat team slogan, unified freshclothing, accompanied by a rhythm "take one's ease", this group of energetic young people on a crisper, dancingposture, with confidence and enthusiasm the interpretation ofthis field the game. Other teams will not lose confidence and morale, team cohesion, the daily repeated training completereview a. After a race, Sheng Hong technology team to deliver the goods in the first 2, country's team and the 1 followed,respectively second, third. The next eleven out of ten footequally exciting, players morale is full, knee wrapped a bandage, shouted the slogan of sonorous and forceful, pace.Experienced tension test preliminary, our team at 1, Cheng Hong technology, real estate, Pengxiang in 2 team 4 win teamperch in the final link, cooperate each team regardless of you and me, to be the referee pinch stopwatch, the team has wonthe final 1 teams in clear, at laurel, Sheng Hong, in science and technology perch 2 teams were ranked second, third.
Afternoon tug of war, relay race will be the young people'senthusiasm fully lit, as the last two game schedule, a physical fight also fight the wisdom. The 9 teams take turns the draw,three Bureau of the two war victory tug of war, relay and thefour. A done in one vigorous effort, an alternating sequence.As the previous games Ever-victorious general tug of warproject Shenghong thermoelectric this is a road to coast through Dangdang will tug of War title in the bag, and won the relay race champion of the project. Other awards two projectshave flowers Sheng Hong technology in perch, 1 team and 2 team, 1 team in hope. For the spirit of the team in the Gamesin the performance of outstanding Pengxiang property, Lu Xiang Village, group issued its "sportsmanship Award" and"outstanding organization award" two awards.To this, the staff sports group twenty-two anniversary series ofactivities will draw a satisfactory full stop.