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Workers staged a wonderful art contest, Hong Sheng staff club shine
In order to enrich the amateur cultural life of workers, improve the cultural quality of workers, and create a rich cultural atmosphere, the ninth Wujiang district staff and literature contest opened in the region. Sheng Hong Group employees through careful organization, extensive participation, in the contest to obtain excellent results, showing the style of the staff and workers.
Since the beginning of March, received notice of participation, members of the Hong Hong Group staff club began to actively prepare programs. After work every day, the actors gathered in the home of the staff of the dance studio, yoga room, discuss the script, correct dance moves, go all out, strive for excellence to create high-quality art show. Through layers of selection, experts gathered in the district staff art contest, Sheng Hong staff club with outstanding actor of stage performance ability to come to the fore, received a number of Honors: to encourage employees to dare to dream "Sheng rainbow dreams" with its ups and downs, exciting plot obtained the sketch program first prize, sing the praises of Wujiang better life "Wujiang temperament" to actor sings with live performances gained presided over the first prize.
The achievements of the staff and the art competition depend on not only the excellent performance of the employees, but also the affirmation and support of the enterprise to the staff and workers' cultural and sports activities. The group encourages the employees to actively carry out cultural and sports activities, enrich the spiritual and cultural life, and show a positive and uplifting spirit!