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Sheng Hong shares of female workers celebrate Match 8 Women's Day
In the annual International Women's Day approaching, Sheng rainbow shares carried out a series of activities for female workers, together to greet the arrival of the international women's day.
During the holiday season, the company in addition to invite experts into the business, to carry out women's health knowledge lectures, popular women's health knowledge outside, also launched a women's health inspection activities, invite doctor for female workers for a free inspection. Company also specifically for female workers arranged a spectacular fun games, tug of war, women's basketball, fruit platter special events for the presence of female workers are spent a memorable women's day, for some can not attend the female workers, the company on twitter organized the most beautiful goddess self assessment activities, the largest number of votes in the workers will be organized by the company free travel awards.
In the international women's day for female workers held activities has been an annual tradition, activities in the form of a year are change, more extensive coverage in, let every female workers can feel the care from the enterprises, but also fully demonstrated the company the majority of female workers positive mental outlook.