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"Dream Sheng Hong, Hong Sheng shares 2016 Our wills unite like a fortress." Spring Festival evening show passion
Yang Song spirit square Bordeaux, monkey spring and chengxiang. In a hurry in 2015, 2016 already strode to us came, on the night of August 1, "dream Shenghong, concerted efforts" to 2016 Shenghong shares, welcome the Chinese New Year party in the long-awaited pulled open heavy curtain.
Shenghong families of workers brought about by the opening dance "monkey trouble spring instantly lit to welcome the Chinese New Year party, the atmosphere, the show performer is 6, 7 years old children, innocent face and naughty action, won the applause of the audience; skewer dance and song" Jiangnan "," small dimple "and other for the audience to bring a visual feast; sketch" student "and the villain dance performances attracted the audience laugh; caused by Shenghong employee stock Club performing Allegro" dream Shenghong, surmount, "set off the climax of the audience, viewers have their thumbs up... Company also arranged a special part of the draw, as long as it is Shenghong shares of workers and before the start of the party in the admission to brush a card, there the opportunity to draw, for some workers at work can not go to the party, to participate in the activities of keywords in the company stick, but also to get the company sent the prize. From four set to paid annual leave to iphone6s. Every lottery will let the audience to, award-winning staff on each face is brimming with the smiling face, full of prizes and naturalization, not winning the workers also had the joy of harvest and joy and welcome the Chinese New Year party in a piece of laughter in the end.
Company welcome the new spring festival will not only for workers in the company to add the amateur life fun and festive atmosphere, some have talent staff provides a display self stage, with a staff like the dissemination of corporate culture and spirit, embodies the enterprise to the staff of humanism care.