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We are proud of the development of heroic km track
The third Sheng Hong shares of the "National Cup" long distance race
With the sound of a command "ready to run!" Nearly four hundred employees, vigorous strides forward to. November 26, 2015 third Shenghong shares "in the Hope Cup races and celebrate Zhonglu technology CP4 device comprehensive driving success in the country at tech, Zhonglu Technology Factory staged a wonderful.
According to the usual practice, the competition is still divided into men's and women's groups respectively. Even if the winter wind lie lie, still can not stop the hot players participating passion, everyone eager eager for a fight. With the order of the organizing committee, hundreds of players have as an arrow fast running forward, try to overtake each other, and the scene is not very intense. It is understood that the track is divided into men's 5000m and women's 3000m, regardless of boys or girls, physical fitness and perseverance are not a small test. . eventually, in wave after wave of the audience cheering sound, eventually by bass in false twist Department deer Yanus and country at spinning three advanced respectively first crossed the finish line, won the first place of the women's and men's team first. Even if some players tired run in the back of the team, they also adhere to complete the race, for this race drew a satisfactory full stop.
Morale, warm atmosphere, the collision of passion, long-distance running will be held is not only a consideration of the physical quality of the workforce, also is the enterprise staff spiritual perseverance exercise, more is rich corporate culture an important part.