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"Hope Cup" China Pingwang town Young Talent Association
November 28th, China hopes to live on the third floor of the third floor of a single Dating Dating Dating Love island". Pingwang town government, Pingwang town organized by the office and other departments coordinated military tech Party branch, trade union sponsored the "country hope cup" Pingwang Town Youth Talent Association will be held here. The 52 single men and women from the country to look at the town and the town authorities to understand the exchange, the game and show performances, and look forward to the other half of the collision with the spark of love, go hand in hand a long way to go.
One o'clock, one after another, male and female guests came to the event. After the leadership of the guests, the boys and girls began the first session of the game interaction - "edge to be you", this link through the memory of the same group members to promote the mutual understanding between men and women guests. Guests were laughing and talking, exchange of information, finally by each group chosen to represent summary, five guest representative of almost all of the game and get a small gift. After the game's warm-up, the next game is more smoothly, the atmosphere is also very warm. "Two three foot" "fun Cup", the host guest station under the sparkling discourse of laughter. Activities have also been designed to "love the beginning of choice", "love the final choice" link, in the system matching, through the way of the stars of the selection of the popularity of the popular boys and girls. Leading guests to conduct on-site reviews, male and female guests for the talent show, the system matching out of the boys and girls to conduct on-site advertising. Reserved girl, talkative boy, pretty red face, for the cold winter adds warmth. At the end of the event, "late confession" to the activities of a successful conclusion.
Activities at the scene, a total of 5 guests to the scene in hand, sincere confession let female guests showed a shy smile, although some did not respond to his boys feel, but willing to from friends start "also let their distance a step closer. , of course, to close, was a male guest unwilling to their favorite female guests were hand in hand, came to power to strive for, in all of the look in the eyes, to the admiration of the female guests true confessions.
The activities give full play to the service function of the party organizations, trade unions, through build face to face exchange of knowledge platform, to efforts to solve the problem of single young marriage, find a heart, without any deviation, brave to express his love, also for the local attract high-level talents settled, enhance the talent reserve, promote social harmony, stability and development efforts.