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Suzhou city staff outstanding theatrical performance Shenghong concert
On the night of October 31, sponsored by the Suzhou Municipal Federation of trade unions, Wujiang District Federation of trade unions hosted the 2015, Suzhou city worker outstanding literary program tour Sheng Hong special in Sheng Hong Technology Factory staged a wonderful, from Suzhou City Cultural Association of workers, Wujiang district staff Art Troupe and other 13 programs appeared one by one, you call enjoyable.
Party in the passionate encouragement ". Shengshihuazhang" Prelude and dance to the music "azalea" and close-up magic, Sichuan Opera "face" and other programs are performed, the audience enthusiasm. Applause. Even if it is a sudden heavy rain is pouring immortal Sheng Hong staff enthusiasm, they or umbrella, or wear a raincoat, always stand in the rain enjoying a and a wonderful program. Especially from the district staff art group Shenghong group show "dream in Sheng Hong," the debut, get screams and applause. Finally, the whole show in the song "Chinese" the curtain falls, to come to watch the employees and their families, bringing the a visual feast.