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Shenghong group naming the second "Shengze good selection
September 28th afternoon, 2015 Chinese silk are Shengze sixteenth silk culture festival launching ceremony was held at the Shengze Town Sports Center, at the same time, the launch ceremony was held in the "Sheng Hong cup, Shengze good man" award ceremony. The public service activities, after search, collection, publicity, assessment etc. a number of aspects of the, the final selection of Hongxiang Cai, Lan Lingling nine on "benevolence, justice, wisdom, faith and filial piety" outstanding "Shengze good."
Sheng Hong Group since its inception, in the development of enterprises at the same time, actively participate in social welfare undertakings, support and participate in the construction of civic morality. Since 2014, Cheng Hong has two title Shengze good selection, aimed at through a variety of forms, carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, promote social justice, play to the enterprise as a special social citizen's sense of mission and responsibility sense.