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Sheng Hong Group for the payment of the Mid Autumn Festival gift
The mid autumn full moon, cinnamon to. On the morning of September 20, a car loaded with Shenghong group of employees of the mid autumn blessing big truck slowly into the plant, ready to payment of Mid Autumn Festival moon cakes and other holiday gifts to the group for each employee.
7:30 to get the vehicle of each branch will trickle into the factory line for science and technology. In the office of Personnel issued under the unified scheduling, each to receive the vehicle in different time periods in order to release site for loading and unloading, sending to every employee hands, about two in the afternoon, the Mid Autumn Festival gift issued near the end of the job. According to statistics, this year's Mid Autumn Festival gift issued a total of thirty thousand, to ensure that every employee of the enterprise can enjoy the group's mid autumn blessing.
Although many foreign workers in the Mid Autumn Festival are not be reunited with their families, but every year, the group will in the Mid Autumn Festival, the Spring Festival is a traditional festival delivers the blessing for the employees, let everyone even in exile can deeply feel the enterprise to bring the warmth. Sheng Rainbow Group's rapid development is inseparable from each and a serious and responsible, hard-working employees, employees are the company's most valuable asset, Sheng Hong will continue to enable enterprise development achievements benefit every employees, practice the "development of enterprises, customer satisfaction, employee benefits, for the benefit of society" of the enterprise mission.